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Teens for Tupigachi was founded by two sisters who have been vacationing in Tupigachi, Ecuador since they were infants.  As teenagers, they decided to contribute to the community by supporting the local school. Olivia and Maia are both high school students in the US. Olivia is the founder of teens for Tupigachi. Her interests include medicine and social change. She  plants  to become a medical doctor and an advocate for communities underrepresented  in the practice of medicine. Maia is currently interested in soccer, philosophy, telling stories, and film-making. She is the head of the social media division of the project. 



At Teens for Tupigachi, we believe that all children deserve a quality education in which they are encouraged to learn and be curious. We observe that there are tremendous inequalities in our world, that effect children's access to learning and options.  We are proud to be problem solvers who are not afraid to take risks. We believe that, with bravery, creativity and compassion, we can accomplish great things when we work together. Our greatest strength of all is teamwork. Every person has the ability to contribute, regardless of their background or experience. We know we will make a positive difference with your help.

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