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Here at Teens for Tupigachi, we have many projects that we want to complete, however it is hard to have projects going on simultaneously. That is why we have our projects listed so that we can check off each project one by one. Below are our listed projects. See Blog for updates on Phase #1 


1. Trashcans + Finishing Classrooms

The schools in Tupigachi do not have enough funds to complete two classrooms that will allow high school students to have their own classroom separate from the younger students. Part of our initial fundraising will go towards giving the school money to complete this goal. Also, while we were walking around looking at the space, we realized there were no trashcans on the school property. With global warming trailing our society, we find it important to donate trash and recycling cans. We want to conserve the beautiful nature of Ecuador and to maintain a clean space for children to learn.  


2. Construction of a Science Room + Donation of Materials

After we are able to finish the two classrooms, we hope to donate classroom materials focused on the study of science. For instance, we would donate materials for science projects that would be appropriate for different age groups, Spanish science textbooks, periodic tables, microscopes, etc. The eventual goal, if we are able to raise enough money, is to build a science lab.


3. Murals

The school has offered Teens for Tupigachi two art mural spaces that can be decorated in a manner that beautifies and empowers students. One of our ideas for the mural is to have a tree and the leaves are the handprints of all the students + volunteers. 

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