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Olivia Y. 

Founder/Website Creator and Manager/Head of Volunteer Program

Olivia Y. founded this organization as a way to give back to the place that had always given her joy and experiences of a lifetime. Olivia has always been passionate about advocating for equal opportunities whether it is through education or health; from tutoring, to co-leading an anti-gun rally at her high school, and giving a student Ted-Talk about racism in medicine. 

Maia Y. 

Co-Founder/Social Media Manager

Maia Y. is the younger sister of Olivia. She is interested in anything tech related. One of her current passions are filmmaking, video editing, photography, and music. Maia is the owner of the instagram account and in charge of publicity. Maia is also passionate about sports, her favorite being soccer. 


Luis Y. and Mai El-K

Volunteer Program Coordinators

Luis Y. and Mai El-K are the parent of both Olivia and Maia. Luis was born in Quito, Ecuador until he ultimately immigrated to the US with his family at the age of 6. Luis Y. is a practicing OBGYN, however, he is especially interested in guitar, soccer, and landscaping. One of his favorite projects is working on his family’s ranch in the town of Tupigachi. Mai El-K is a renowned psychologist working at a non-profit organization in NJ. Mai El-K came to the US for high school and University and immigrated here officially after marrying Luis. The two got married at the local church of Tupigachi, Ecuador that is just a few blocks away from the Unidad Educativa! 

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