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Every child deserves access to an education that will allow them to fulfill their potential. 

“What if the cure for cancer is trapped inside the mind of someone who can’t afford an education” - unknown


We are two teen sisters (Olivia Y and Maia Y) who, in August 2022, decided to organize efforts to benefit the public school of Tupigachi (an Andean town in the country of Ecuador) in areas in which the government has underfunded the school. The school is named Unidad Educativa: Maria de las Mercedes Suarez and educates students ages from 3-18. The school currently has 215 students. 

The first stage will be focused on fundraising money to support building infrastructure of the school. As of now, the high school students do not have their own designated classrooms.  We will be raising money to purchase materials for completing two classrooms so that the high schoolers can have a learning space to call their own.  The second stage will include donations of supplies supporting science education (microscopes, books, educational posters, materials for experiments that are age appropriate etc.). The third stage will include working with the school to build a science lab on-site. 

Please note any views expressed in this website are those of ours alone and do not reflect the opinions of the school. 



The Focus of Our Efforts


We are still working on this project, and would welcome any ideas you may have. Some opportunities we are hoping to develop are organizing teen volunteers to come to the school to help with: cleaning the school, painting murals, and supporting the teachers in the classroom. The accommodations would be in the well-appointed Hacienda Hosteria San Luis, located in the same town. This program would not only be an amazing volunteer opportunity but also a great way to tour the Ecuadorian Andes. It would be helpful if volunteers speak Spanish or are willing to learn :) Please contact us if you are interested in working with us on developing these opportunities. 



Teens for Tupigachi has made it their mission to become a leader in the non-profit sector of service oriented teens hoping to bridge the economic inequality in education. We pledge to be mindful of collaborating with local leaders so that we are respecting the community’s culture and priorities. we welcome you to become a part of a brighter future for all children and to join our efforts today.



Whether it is donating money to purchase materials to help with infrastructure or donating classroom materials (i.e textbooks), any and all are contributions are welcome. Non-tangible contributions are also welcome. For instance, even a share on instagram is helpful to our cause! In the next few days, we will be publishing a fundraiser on gofundme with direct funds going to the first phase of the project, which is providing $5,000 towards completing two classrooms that will host high school students.



For more information about donations or volunteering please submit this form. Someone will email you as soon as they are available to answer any questions about donations. If you would like to give an immediate monetary donation please visit our gofundme:

Thanks for submitting!


Unidad Educativa "Maria de Las Mercedes Suarez" Tupigachi, Ecuador 


instagram: @teens4tupigachi

US Phone #: 2016962351

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